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The protection of nature is essential for the continuity of humanity and we work towards it.

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The participation of more and more volunteers in SOSbee.gr gives us hope. Contribute to this.

Who We Are

It is about a Non-Profit Organization based in Karditsa, Greece, founded to promote the bee’s role in the ecosystem and help its protection. Our concerns about the bee population in our area led us to the establishment of SOS BEE. It is necessary, more than ever, to launch solutions to protect the flora and fauna, always with the decisive presence of the bee.


By implementing a comprehensive bee protection plan, in collaboration with the beekeeping scientific community, we will help to ensure the immediate safeguarding of its population. Through a collective and collaborative effort we will try to integrate the bee even in the urban environment, creating a friendly system to welcome it as it deserves, like a queen. Our purpose and vision will be realized by:

  • The promotion, dissemination and implementation of values, principles and best practices on traditional beekeeping.
  • The dissemination and support of the protection of the natural habitat of bees.
  • The promotion of the role and value of the bee in the ecosystem.
  • The promotion, dissemination and implementation of bee protection.
  • Taking initiatives and actions to inform and raise awareness of the authorities, growers, beekeepers, and the wider community of citizens on issues related to bee protection.

Dissemination of Action & Ultimate Goal

  • Public informative workshops and awareness days, concerning the role of the bees for the human existence.
  • Participation in national and European programs and campaigns.
  • Experiential outdoor activities and an effort to encourage citizens grow plants and flowers that can feed the bees.
  • Collaboration with Environmental Education Centers and other relevant organizations.
  • The involvement of citizens, companies, professionals but mainly of the Municipalities that own gardens with the encouragement to grow not only ornamental plants but also plants that offer bee food.
  • Continuous information of institutions and citizens.

The ultimate goal is to find and support ways that can help the salvation of bees. If all of us, citizens – beekeepers – growers – industry – municipalities – government, make the effort, then we will be able to change the future for pollinators, ensure the viability of the bee, as well as the survival of the ecosystem and the planet in general.

Help us achieve more.


In sosbee.gr website you will find all the necessary informative articles about the organization, the team and the vision of the people involved.


You can join and actively contribute in ways that can ensure the rescue of the bee.